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Do you ever get the ‘I don’t have time’ objection when you present your home business opportunity? I hear ya’. It’s a super common one, and can easily be dealt with…as long as you know how to approach it properly. Often times, objections are simply a prospect's way of indicating that they feel a need to do more thinking, stall a little or capture more information. Your instinct in this situation, may be to cater to their every demand but in reality, that is not ideal. Ironically, the best way to overcome objections when presenting your home business opportunity, is to alter the mindset of the person giving it. Ray Higdon taught me that and it's very powerful.


Ideally, you’ll want to tackle overcoming objections with posture, regardless of what that objection is. Carrying yourself with confidence and staying in control of the energy of the conversation, will get you past, even the most challenging of concerns. Truth be told, where most reps go wrong, is in their tendency to take the objections personally. Doing so, leads to being defensive and even argumentative…two reactions that will totally cost you the sale or the sign up.




You have to keep you cool, detach from the outcome and maintain your posture. After all, your home business opportunity is THE gold, so your prospect needs you more than you need them. Behave accordingly.

Typically, the most effective way of dealing with the ‘I don’t have time’ objection, is to simply call out the obvious. Don't be afraid to help the prospect see the reality of a life where they never have any time to do the things they want to do. Don't shy away from the truth of it, because you really are in a position to help them change their lives.



“I love this home business opportunity….but…I just..don’t have the time!”


“Wow, if you really don’t have the time…there is a good chance you need this more than I thought.”

This example works well because it reminds your prospect just how much they do NOT want to work for someone else for the rest of their lives. It causes them to rethink their current situation, as they contemplate the solution sitting right there, in front of them.


 Pic of Hourglass …used for the blog post entitled: "What to say to prospects who '...don't have any time' for your home business opportunity”OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS – EXAMPLE 2:


“I love this home business opportunity….but…I just..don’t have the time!”


“I know..that’s EXACTLY why I thought of you…because there are so many people in my company that are working full-time and then some..and they’re managing to make this work in the nooks and crannies of their day. So, I thought this might be a perfect fit for you too.”

Firstly, this strategy works because you are agreeing with your prospect and validating them. Secondly, you are gently redirecting their mindset from using time as an excuse, to using it as a motivating factor to change. That is extremely powerful because it helps you to close more reps into your home business opportunity, yet it also helps them potentially change their life in a very meaningful way.




“I love this home business opportunity….but…I just..don’t have the time!”


WOW! Well…if that really is an issue for you…..if I were you, I’d find something like I’m doing, to address that problem. Now…what I’m doing may not be a fit for you, but I would find SOMETHING that would create some residual income for you, in order to take a bit of that pressure off. Nobody wants to work their whole lives.”

These three examples are all effective and which one you use really depends on what you prospect is like and what makes you most comfortable. I learned variations of these responses from my own personal mentors, including Ray and Jessica Higdon, who have taught a lot about having posture with prospects and overcoming objections.


Screenplays …used for the blog post entitled: "What to say to prospects who '...don't have any time' for your home business opportunity”NEVER DO ‘THIS' WHEN PRESENTING YOUR HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY

Additionally, I should point out, that you never want to use a script verbatim…word for word. In fact, when you do, it tends to sound quite rehearsed and unnatural. The last thing you want is to sound weird when you are working to close a good prospect.

So that being said, make sure you use the scripts as a a guide only, and find your own natural way to express them. Be you!

I hope these three examples of overcoming the ‘I don’t have time objection’, come in handy for your business. Give ‘em a try and by all means, let me know how they work out for ya! In the meantime…feel free to reach out, if you need anything. If you'd like to turbo-charge your results, you may wish to take a moment to check out some of the great home business resources below.


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