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Are you doing your network marketing online? If so, this is really going to help you out. Today I’m going to share with you why you should NEVER share your company name or your product names on social media. “WHAT????” I Know…it’s crazy, right?!!? BUT…I kid you not. Using your company or product name, overtly, on your social media profiles, is quite detrimental in several key ways.

Presumably, your goal is to fill your pipeline with prospects, that turn into more sales and sign ups for your business, right? Well, if that’s your goal, pay close attention. You may, very well, need to rethink what you are doing while network marketing online.

Megaphone used in the blog post entitled: "Network Marketing Online: You Need to Stop Using Your Company Name”I’ve likely said this about a million times but it bears repeating, because it's truly THAT important! You have to honour the social media platforms for what they are: SOCIAL! People do NOT come to Facebook, to be sold crap. They come to social media to spy on their friends, learn some stuff, laugh a little, and so on. They do NOT come to buy.

The reality is, they WILL buy and they’ll buy a lot, but they have to feel like it’s their idea. If you come across as sales-y in any way, it will raise massive resistance, real quick. Clearly, that’s not good. As such, posting your company or product name on your profile, will NOT increase your likelihood of making a sale. In fact, it’s the total opposite.

So, let’s dig into it, shall we? Here are 5 key reasons why you should avoid using  your company name when network marketing online.






Honestly, it really does turn people off, in a BIG way! Using your company name, raises resistance. If your profile looks like a big ol’ infomercial, people want to run the other way. Think about it. Do people get excited about the television commercials that interrupt their television viewing? Noooooo! They do not. People fast forward through the commercials or leave the room when they’re on. AND Guess what? They have the same reaction when they see your profile, all infomercial-ed up with your BOGO sales and company banners. Sorry if that ouches…but it’s true. Even if you put her company or product names in the info/about me sections of your profiles, it’s raising resistance for about 99% of people. They’ll worry that, if they are going to reach out to you, you’ll pitch them.

YOU are what’s important, ultimately. People join people..not products so focus on you, your life and what makes you unique. That will be far more interesting to people and will get you much better results when network marketing online.


Image of Google used in the blog post entitled: "Network Marketing Online: You Need to Stop Using Your Company Name”

When you have your company or product names all over your profile, people are just going to leave your page and go and Google the dang thing, sweetheart! That’s how humans work. If they are interested in it..they’re going to go ‘research’ it for themselves. AND what do you think is the very first thing they are going to find when they google your company or product name? That’s correct, my friend….they’ll find all of the negative crap that’s out there. They’ll read the review put up by some lame dude from ‘wherever-the-heck’, who joined a network marketing company and never followed the system. That dude didn’t have success and got all bent out of shape about it. So, he's now made it his mission to share that all network marketing companies are the devil incarnate lol.


Create Curiosity…

That does NOT bode well for you. EVEN IF, by some stroke of pure magic, your prospect does not find anything negative on Google, they are still very unlikely to come back to you and your page. Once they’re off in cyber land, they are infinitely more likely to come across another marketer who is doing much more sparkly and finessed work than you are…and they’ll join THEM. …totally sucks, right? So…don’t use your company or product name in your post…period. Ultimately, you want to be the one they are reaching out to, to find out more about what you’re up to and you accomplish that, by creating curiosity, NOT by giving away the end of the movie.



As I mentioned above, if you lose your prospect to Google, they are far more likely to click around online until they find someone more ‘interesting’ to sign up with. Unless you've created some great rapport, they really have no reason to come back to you. Don’t give your prospects a way to Google. Essentially, you want to control the conversation, as much as possible. To that point, make sure to post value and things that make them curious about what you’re doing, so they feel compelled to reach out to YOU… to find out more.

Picture of man at a desk used in the blog post entitled: "Network Marketing Online: You Need to Stop Using Your Company Name”



When you constantly post about your company when network marketing online, you’ll end up pigeon-holed as the go-to person for THAT company. Great news for corporate but bad news for you, your brand and your business. You DO NOT want to become known as the ‘wrap girl’, the ‘shampoo girl’ or the ‘ketones guy’. That’s seriously bad news, darlin’! What happens if your company folds, or they change the compensation plan or the product formulations… and you are no longer in love with them?

Listen, I know you love your company and you cannot ever imagine leaving. I used to feel exactly the same way, until everything changed and I decided to leave. Fortunately for me, I had branded myself, so I barely skipped a beat and actually took off running in my new company, as a result. If you brand your specific company, instead of you, you’re in big trouble if something goes wrong. You’ll end up having to start all over, and you’ll have to do double-duty to shake whatever mould you’ve been pigeon-holed into . Make sense?



All network marketing companies have very clear and strict rules around what you can and cannot do with their names, logos and overall branding. As such, you have to be very careful about what you post online. That’s why, Ideally, you should never use your company name or product names in your posts when network marketing online. Instead, focus on creating value, solving problems and posting things that make people curious about what you’re doing. Get them reaching out to YOU to learn more. Hope this helps.



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