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Are you tired of your dismal social media engagement? Maybe you are posting really consistently. Additionally, perhaps you are doing your absolute best to post real value and yet, it’s nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds on your profile. Hang tight, my friend, because I’ve got 10 simple tips to up that social media engagement and quickly get YOU the attention you deserve!


Yep…gotta do it! There is absolutely no point in creating amazing content for the same 100 people over and over again. You have to keep expanding your network in order to grow that tribe! Ultimately, your social media engagement will be better, if you have a bigger and more targeted audience to play to. Make sense?





How on earth do you expect to get great social media engagement if you don’t even know WHO it is, you’re hoping will engage? Truly…you MUST know, precisely, who it is that you want to help. Think about where they hang out, what they like, what they read, what kind of job they have, if they have kids, what they stay up at night, worrying about etc… Additionally, you have to really understand their hopes, dreams, wants and desires. That way, you’ll be able to join the conversation they’re having in their own heads. Being able to do THAT, hits them at a heart level and they won’t be able to help but pay attention to you.

Knowing your target market goes hand in hand with your brand. You see, It’s not enough to just know who you want to help. You must also know who YOU are and what you stand for. What is it that you want to be the go-to person for, in your marketplace?This stuff is absolutely fundamental to knowing how to create the kind of content that will get you great social media engagement.


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Tip #3:

Social media engagement is a two-way street, sweetheart! Make sure you are engaging with other people! Obviously, if you expect people to love on your stuff, you have to be willing to do the same for them. Engaging with their content, also has the added advantage of getting your sweet face in front of that person’s network as well…..win-win.



Don’t be boring, for heaven’s sake! Show some excitement. Be energetic and have some passion for what you are doing. Your outlook and attitude shows through in everything you do….especially video and ‘lives’. So many marketers spend all of their energy focused on trying to FOOL the algorithms, instead of just focusing on posting good stuff. People are a heck of a lot more likely to be interested in your content, if it’s fun, educational, informative or aspirational. Before you click ‘post’, ask yourself…’would I want to see this in my feed?’ See what I mean?


“Activate Your Fans, Don’t Just Collect Them Like Baseball Cards.” ~ Jay Baer Click To Tweet



We used to think that more was better but now we are learning the error of our ways. When it comes to social media engagement, more is NOT better. In fact, if you post too often, you are actually harming your engagement…NOT helping. Think about it…there are some 2 billion people using Facebook..and only so much space in the news feed for all that content. So if you post too often, you’ll just bump your previous posts out of rotation. Obviously, things in the social media sphere change rapidly, but as it stands now, you are best to post no more than 3 times per day, with at least 3 hours in between posts, Honestly, if you have a piece of content that is doing super well and getting tons of engagement…let it ride for a while. ..just…leave it alone.  Post less to get more.


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When it comes to social media engagement, dropping a link in your post, is a no-go. I know that may seem counterintuitive but it’s true. Facebook will give less favour in the feed, to any post that attempts to pull the viewer off of the platform and as such, that link will harm your reach. That being the case, if you wish to share a link, you’re better off dropping it in the comments, than putting it in the description. Though I don’t want you to be overly concerned about the algorithm, this is a simple tweak that could make a significant difference.



All things being equal, your ‘live’ footage and videos will be shown to more people than any other content. Let’s face it…video is here to stay so there is no point trying to fight it. If you want to maximize your social media engagement, you need to be including more live and static video content.



If your posts are high-value and also solve a problem that your target market is having, you will automatically earn more social media engagement. Additionally, your audience will learn that your content really helps them out, so they will be much more likely to keep coming back of more. That’s how you create a loyal tribe of people who hang on your every word.


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Oh boy…this is a BIG one. Seriously, make darned sure that your content honours the platform and looks like it belongs there. Avoid any words or images that seem salesy or pitchy. Also, resist the urge to put words all over your pictures…or big arrows..or anything that stinks of a sales pitch, lol! If the image or copy sounds like an ad…you’re in trouble. Listen up, people do NOT come on social media to be sold. They will buy, of course…but they don’t come for that reason . As such, they need to feel as though it’s their idea. You do that by creating curiosity…not by being blatant and pitchy.



Yes! If you want more social media engagement, encourage your people to engage:) You can post questions or fill-in-the-blanks, that are almost irresistible to the viewer. People love weighing in on things, giving advice or doing people ‘a favour’, so if you post things that encourage those things, you will very likely get more engagement. 

In closing, if you want more social media engagement overall, consider adopting all ten of these simple recommendations into your content creation routine. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you see an improvement and truly, what a difference it makes!


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