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Are you using social media for business and finding it challenging to focus, because there are so many shiny objects everywhere? Maybe you’re a network marketer who has tried building it the ‘old-fashioned’, belly to belly way, and it just ain’t working’! If you created your list of 100 people you know, talked to all of your friends and family, even hosted home parties….and STILL…weren’t getting anywhere…I hear ya! That was TOTALLY ME, not that long ago. In fact, that is one of the biggest reasons why home business owners come online, in the first place!

Using social media for business seems like the holy grail, because you think you can kind of hide behind the keyboard. The truth is, you still have to build your network, talk to people, and gain authority AND influence. There is no getting away from it. Having said that, it IS easier to find qualified people to talk to because, no matter HOW big your warm market is, it will never hold a candle to the 2 billion people on Facebook. You know what I mean?




Ultimately, the key to leveraging social media for business in the RIGHT way, is to know EXACTLY what to focus on to get result quickly….and what to ignore. That can be tricky to figure out, my friend! Thankfully, I’m going to spell it out for you, in three clear steps, so that you don’t end up lost down the rabbit hole for over a year, like I did. (gulp!)



When you use social media for business, you cannot approach it the way you would when promoting a business offline. Social media is by definition, social. People do NOT come online to be sold to. They hate it and they’ll get seriously annoyed with you if you spam your product pics all over the place and drop your links on ‘em like they’re hot lol! Trust me, sugar, if you do that, you’ll end up being the guest of honour at a block party, all day long!

Using social media for business requires a totally different approach. You are going to have to pick your angle. In other words, who are you? What do you stand for? Who are ‘your perfect people’?… and how does your stuff help them? Until you know your angle, you don’t really know your purpose. It’s pretty tough to makes sales and recruit business builders, if you have no idea what you’re on about lol!

The vast majority of the time, your ‘angle’ will be related to your product or business, though not always. Typically, you will lead with product-related information or business-related information. For example, if you are in health and wellness, you may decide that you want to help new young moms. Perhaps you might focus on teaching them the right diet, exercise and stress management routines to help them live their most energetic lives around their growing family and busy schedules. See what I mean?


Lower Resistance…

Ideally, when building online, you want to create as little resistance as humanly possible. How do you do that? …by giving people what they want from social media. They want to be entertained, educated and informed. In truth, they WILL buy and they DO join businesses …but they want to feel like it’s their idea. 

Your job, when using social media for business, is to be a solution provider…a problem solver…an educator. If you can be there to offer up tips, tricks, and strategies that help to solve the key problems of the people in your niche, they will quickly begin to see you as an authority, they can look to for answers. Once you create that rapport, trust and influence, they will reach out to you, wanting to know more about your products, services and opportunities. It’s like magic. In reality, it’s a little thing called ‘Attraction Marketing' and it works like crazy!


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Once you’ve determined your angle, now you need to choose the strategy that you’ll use as your home base, to get the message out. In other words, which social media platform will you call home? Pick ONE strategy and MASTER it! (Yes..I mean it).

I realize that there are a ton of options out there. You could choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat…it’s almost endless. To keep it simple, just choose what you like! If you already have a heavy presence on Facebook, choose Facebook. If you don’t like Facebook but you love Instagram …then choose that! Don’t overthink it…just go where you’re comfortable. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you decide. They all can work quite well. The key, is simply, to pick one and totally master it.

Learn everything you can about the platform you pick. Watch webinars, take courses, read books, but most importantly, IMPLEMENT what you are learning, as you go. It’s through action that progress is made, NOT through unapplied knowledge.


The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing, a Main Thing. - Stephen R. Covey Click To Tweet


One Caveat…

Fair warning here, my friend…it can be very tough to focus when there are so many gurus throwing stuff at you day in and day out. Your inbox gets flooded with offerings of ‘the biggest and best methods’ for this, that and the next thing. I caution you about paying attention to everything that flies by. It’ll kill ya! If you see anything come your way, that is NOT for your strategy, IGNORE IT! YES…I’m telling you to completely ignore EVERYTHING that does not help to move you forward, in your task of mastering the one-and-only strategy you’ve chosen.

I’m not saying that you can’t do it all….you just can’t do it all NOW. Once you’ve set yourself up, so that you can generate a good 5 to 10 leads a day from your chosen strategy, then …and only then…can you start building somewhere new. Seriously now…if you spread yourself too thin, too quickly, you WILL regret it… because your business will suffer greatly.


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Build, engage and sell are the three key activities you want to be doing, every single day, without fail. In other words, you need to be building your network on an ongoing basis, For example, you should reach out to 3 to 5 brand new people everyday, with the sole purpose of starting new conversations and fostering new relationships. Also, consider following 10+ new profiles per day, to widen your network and get your name out there, as much as you can.

The ‘engage' peace of this puzzle is equally important. You want to keep your growing tribe, excited about what you’re doing. Educate them and solve their problems. Become the go-to person in your niche, by providing tremendous value on a daily basis and focusing 100% of your energy on THEM. The less you make this stuff about you and what YOU want, the better your results will be. Value equals money, so if you want more money, BE more valuable. It’s really that simple.

If you build and engage properly when using social media for business, you’ll start effortlessly being able to sell…the third component of this equation.  Ultimately, when all the pieces of the puzzle come together, you are going to feel like your cheating lol! It becomes like a well-oiled machine, that allows you to write your own pay cheque… while making maximum impact in your marketplace. That’s a win-win, I bet you can get behind!


Some Other Great Resources To help You In a Major Way!


**When you are ready to build your business online, you can save yourself a ton of time, money and frustration by learning to do it the right way, from the start! Furthermore, if you've been online for a while and are still struggling, it's not too late to for you. You can start finally having success, right now.

The only way to build a huge business online, without spending all day prospecting on social media, is by learning to attract the right people TO you. Once you have a funnel full of amazing prospects to talk to everyday, YOU are in control of your process! Doesn't that sound great?!!?  Here are some of my personal fave resources to help you bring that freedom into your world!


Pic of word 'MASTERY' …used for the blog post entitled: “ONLINE SUCCESS: How to properly set goals so you actually reach them.”


1) Attraction Marketing and Leadership Platform – Learn More

Leverage the community and Attraction Marketing Mastery, system I personally use, that taught me how to become an authority in my marketplace, that people want to follow. In the same fashion, if you desire to become the go-to person for your product, service and or opportunity…and like the idea of being seen as a pseudo-celebrity by your prospects…than THIS may be for you.

2) 3-Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition – Learn More

This course, by multiple 7-figure earner, Ray Higdon, is the absolute #1, gold standard. It will teach you how to blog like a pro and actually earn an amazing income doing it! Without proper guidance, most bloggers simply spin their wheels and never make a dime. As online marketers, our blog is our piece of real estate online. As a matter of fact, it is the only thing online that we own and control. A blog should form the hub of our entire business and deserves to be set up for success from the start.

3) Unlimited Fan Page Profits – Learn More

If you want to truly build a great business leveraging Facebook, you absolutely must have a fan page. Get step-by-step expert instruction by Tanya Aliza, herself, as to exactly how to build AND GROW your fan page like a pro, for the long haul.


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