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Without a shadow of a doubt, fear is responsible for more casualties in network marketing, than just about anything else! If people were able to quickly overcome fear in network marketing and start actually having fun, there would be countless more success stories. The trick is determining what is at the root of this fear so that we can attack it, head on. Are you ready for a breakthrough? Are you ready to overcome fear in network marketing and start winning? We are going to tackle this one, together, my friend!

Why Do I Suffer Fear In Network Marketing?


So many elements of the network marketing profession seem to elicit fear in people and overcoming fear is not without it's challenges. This industry, tends to really impact people to their very cores. It requires us to really get to know ourselves…to dig deep…and learn about who we are. Why is this? It's largely because achieving success in network marketing requires us to stand face-to-face with the #1 fear in the world. 

That fear, my friend, is the fear of rejection. Many people will tell you that it's actually the fear of public speaking, In reality, folks fear public speaking because they are afraid of being rejected. It's essentially the same beast. We care too darn much what people think of us.


How Do I Quickly Overcome Fear In Network Marketing?

Alright then, we know that fear in network marketing is common. We also know that fear is responsible for a lot of the failure in the industry. So now, what on earth are we supposed to do about it? Well, good question! The first thing we need to do, is to stop using our fear as an excuse to play small. The world needs more big dreamers, more leaders and more passionate advocates. We need to stop playing small and start playing really BIG! Are you with me?!!?


To quickly overcome your fear in network marketing and start actually having fun, you need to do 5 simple things. They are simple to do, as I said, but it's also super easy to overlook them. The truth is though, if your fear lies in one of the main facets, pivotal to success in network marketing, you could be in trouble. For example, if you are absolutely terrified of talking to people or asking for the sale, you're going to have an awfully tough time making this thing work. We have to overcome the fear or it will win.


5 Steps To Quickly Overcome Fear In Network Marketing


Here are the five steps you should implement in order to quickly overcome fear in network marketing and start actually having fun. If you implement these 5 steps, you'll be well on your way to obliterating that fear that is holding you back from the life you deserve…


2) DETERMINE The Cause Without Judgement
3) REFRAME Your Purpose
4) DETACH From The Outcome
5) ATTACK The Fear By Taking Determined Action


“If You Can't, You Must And If You Must, You Can.” ~Tony Robbins (click to tweet)


Black and white picture of Staci looking fearful for the blog post entitled: “Quickly Overcome Fear In Network Marketing And Start Actually Having Fun!”Let's take a closer look at these 5 steps and how they can play a big roll in how to quickly overcome fear in network marketing.


1)Acknowledge The Fear:  What was it Dr. Phil used to say…? “You can't change what you don't acknowledge”. This is absolutely true. In order to change something that we've allowed to become fundamental to our identity, like a deep-rooted fear, we must first acknowledge that we have it. Own it. Recognize it. Take a good, hard look at it. Once you demystify it, you take away it's power over you.


2) Determine The Cause Without Judgement: Figure out where the fear comes from. Ask yourself, ‘why do I fear rejection in this way?' Did somebody important to you, reject you in this way before? Is the fear related to something in particular or simply a symptom of a bigger self-esteem issue? Look at it and determine the origins of that fear.


3) Reframe Your Purpose:  Change the way you think about what it is that a network marketing professional does. Stop looking at yourself as a salesperson. A lot of fear in network marketing, comes from the fact that people don't want to sell or come across as ‘salesy'. You aren't selling, you're sorting. All you are doing is testing the waters with people, to see if they are open. If they are open, they go on one side and if they aren't, they go on the other. It's really that simple. Your job is actually just to sort people and present the information to those that are open and make sure they understand what they are seeing. That's it!


…Start Actually Having Fun!


Matt Morris, one of my mentors, who is a top earner in my primary network marketing company, explains this idea so well. He say's to imagine you are waiting tables and simply asking the diners if they'd like some dessert after their meal. “Can I interest you in some dessert?” Yes or no…who cares, right? Would you run away crying if the diner at the table said no, they didn't want dessert? Would you pound your fists on the table and say ‘Desserts are a scam! This food thing doesn't work!” That sounds totally absurd, right?!!? Unfortunately, that's what people often do when they are new to network marketing. Network marketing is like having dessert for life…it's awesome but it ain't for everybody.


4) Detach From The Outcome:  This point is so incredibly important. If you approach your business like you are holding the gold. If you truly believe that you've got the deal, than each and every time you share that deal with a prospect, you are laying a blessing upon them. Are you not? If you believe in what you are doing, than you truly shouldn't care whether someone says no to you. Approach each prospect with the attitude that YOU are blessing them with what you've got and they should feel super grateful that you are sharing this concept with them. Have some posture!

If you do that, you won't care either way. You need people but you don't need any ONE person. Remember that, and when someone says no to you, you really won't take it personally anymore. In fact, you'll start recognizing that ‘no' typically doesn't mean ‘no' anyway. It means ‘not right now'.


“When You Stop Being Afraid Of People Saying ‘NO'….They Start Saying ‘Yes'!” ~ Matt Morris (click to tweet)

Long shot of two women jumping in shadow, used for the blog post entitled: “Quickly Overcome Fear In Network Marketing And Start Actually Having Fun!”5) Attack The Fear By Taking Determined Action:   Nothing can overcome fear in network marketing faster than all-out massive action! In other words, it's ok to be afraid but you still have to do it anyway. You cannot let it stop you from achieving your dreams.

Don't let it win! Play bigger, think bigger! When you feel that fear, look at it and compare that sucker to the size of your ‘why' and decide if it's not worth getting a little uncomfortable, for a season.


Do one thing every single day that scares you. Nudge in on it. Lean into your fear, a little at a time and you WILL ultimately, conquer it and start actually having fun!


Final words….

Keep working on you, every single day. Incorporate some personal growth training into your daily routine.  Work on your vision, do your affirmations and keep learning. You may want to consider practising meditation. I have only recently incorporated it regularly into my life and I already feel a change in my belief and confidence. It's well worth pursuing. I truly hope this helps you quickly overcome fear in network marketing so that you can start actually having fun, too!


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