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Need some prospecting tips? You're in the right place! Are you in network marketing or online marketing and wonder how you are supposed to handle your competition when you’re prospecting? Are you allowed to pitch them? What should you say when they pitch YOU? Should you mention what company you’re in? ….and so on. It’s tough to know how to navigate these conversations the right way.

I’ve got some stellar prospecting tips to share with you that will help you coast through that minefield like a champ. You have to be cautious when dealing with other marketers because there are unique ethical and professional considerations that come into play. Additionally, you will have to alter how you talk to these people, as the status quo just won’t usually fly in these cases.



**Here are 5 really great prospecting tips to help ya out in a big way.



If Another Network Marketer Asks You the Name of Your Company…TELL THEM!


Trust me on this one, sugar. If you avoid the question or get super clever with a really evasive, canned response, you’ll come across as really sketchy, douchy and weird! Without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to handle that question is by being really direct and to the point. Listen, other marketers know how the business works. Who cares if they know what company you're in? Unlike regular prospects, it doesn’t really matter if they decide to Google it, because they likely already know, that the negative stuff they find, is usually bunk.


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NEVER, EVER, EVER Break Up a Happy Marriage!


If someone you prospect is already in network marketing, totally in love with their company and committed to building it, than you should NEVER try to lure them over. Truly, doing so is such poor etiquette, it’s not even funny. On top of that, it really exposes scarcity thinking on the part of the person doing it. There is an endless supply of people looking for what we have. We certainly should not resort to poaching from other companies lol!

Now, having said that…don't just leave them hanging high and dry. Remember, you never know what the future holds, so think longterm. Make the effort to build and nurture that relationship, and see if there is any way that you can help them out, at all. Ultimately, it's smart to get them in your corner because anything could change in their lives, at any time… and one day…they may very well be open to what you are doing.



Create Some Doubt!


Say what???? Didn’t I just tell you in my last prospecting tip, to never try to lure a network marketer away from their company? Yes..that’s true…I sure did. BUT, I didn’t say that you couldn’t plant a seed. 

Doing so, will barely even create a ripple for the network marketer who is super happy with what they are doing. However, for the network marketer who is NOT solid in their current company, that seed of doubt might very well, open them up to looking at something else. Let me be clear, this works so well because it only shakes up the person who is ALREADY unsure or unsatisfied in their current situation. It’s not pushy or salesy at all. It simply opens the door.

For example, if you’re prospecting another network marketer who is in a product-based company and you are in a service-based company, you could say..”I really veered away from product because I’m really not a fan of having to constantly find new customers all the time and start from scratch with my volume, every month.” You see? It’s not super negative. You aren’t being mean or calling them names. It’s simply a way to plant a small seed of doubt about their current arrangement, that might take hold in the right people.


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Be Unmessable


Ideally, you want to make it really clear during the conversation, that you are totally un-recruitable.  Don’t get yourself roped in to watching someone’s company video because you’re just too nice to say no. Ultimately, doing so wastes your time AND theirs and serves no other purpose. If they attempt to pitch you, simply let them know that you are laser-focused on the company you’re building. You’ve got your head down and you’re working so hard on a goal, that you don’t even have time to look at anything else. Thank them for thinking of you …and move on.



Never Negotiate


There is never a right time to play tit-for-tat. NEVER get yourself into a situation where you are agreeing to watch their company video so that they’ll watch yours. Worse still, don’t ever agree to buy each other’s products…just to make a sale, either. It’s just so, so week, my friend. Never approach your business from a position of weakness. Truthfully, posture and confidence are a really big part of being successful in this business, so if you are negotiating when you prospect, you will have a really hard time gaining authority and influence. Incidentally, both of those things are critical to being a successful leader. Remember…you have the gold, darlin' so why behave as though you're desperate? You aren't.

There you have it…5 great prospecting tips to help you handle other network marketers when prospecting online. If you find value, make sure to share this with anyone you think would benefit.



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Some Other Great Resources To help You In a Major Way!

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1) Attraction Marketing and Leadership Platform – Learn More

Leverage the community and Attraction Marketing Mastery, system I personally use, that taught me how to become an authority in my marketplace, that people want to follow. In the same fashion, if you desire to become the go-to person for your product, service and or opportunity…and like the idea of being seen as a pseudo-celebrity by your prospects…than THIS may be for you.


2) 3-Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition – Learn More

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3) Unlimited Fan Page Profits – Learn More

If you want to truly build a great business leveraging Facebook, you absolutely must have a fan page. Get step-by-step expert instruction by Tanya Aliza, herself, as to exactly how to build AND GROW your fan page like a pro, for the long haul.



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