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Do your online marketing strategies need a little pick-me-up? Have you ever thought to yourself, that it would be REALLY nice if you could just bring in lots of customers and reps all at the same time? Me too! It just kind of makes sense, right? THAT is precisely why your up line keeps trying to get you to do home parties lol! The online way just happens to be easier and more convenient for many.

Truly, building your business one customer at a time…one rep at a time…is soooo painful, don’t you think? I mean…you sponsor one and then one quits…then there’s this long gap… of a whole lot o’ nothing. Then you sponsor two….and one quits. AND on it goes like that…painful! Can you relate a little? If you can find a feasible way to get a bunch of hot prospects in one room, all together at the same time…then you could get crazy awesome results with a lot less work. Pretty cool!



It’s called, working smarter NOT harder! Well, guess what? You CAN do that!  …and it’s really not that difficult, once you know what to do. Thankfully, I have found 3 simple yet highly effective online marketing strategies, to get a rapid surge in leads, sales and sign ups for your business. Finally, It’s time for you to take those old online marketing strategies for a big, honkin’ tune up!  Sound good? Hope so!


What are those 3 simple but super effective strategies? Here we go!






In truth…up to this point, me and the webinar have had a love-hate relationship lol! However, now that I know how powerful they truly are, I’ll be warming up to them, for sure! Webinars and live events are great choices for a variety of reasons, but most notably, because you can gather a very sizeable group of people, in one place, all at the same time. 

As it stands, the very nature of a webinar or live event, makes that group a sort of captive audience, doesn’t it? They are there, listening to you share your valuable message. Ultimately, you have an incredible opportunity, then, to lay down so much value that you wow them. 


Webinars and live events, as online marketing strategies are some of the very best for building rapport super quickly…and creating that ever-desirable, know-like-trust factor. You see, once you've warmed them up for a solid hour, you have firmly positioned yourself as an authority figure, with influence. As such, they are far more likely to want to buy what you’re selling or become a business partner. Point being, you can see how this could shave some time off of your business building endeavours, right? That’s hugely powerful.


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People LOVE free stuff lol! It doesn’t even matter what that stuff is…if there’s a chance to win it..they’ll play along. Giveaways and draws offer you a unique opportunity to create massive buzz around you and what you’re up to, while also having a bit of fun. Ideally, all you have to do, is find something that your target market would deem valuable, and offer it as a prize. 

To be honest, the particulars of how you craft that can vary. Typically, a great way to do a giveaway is to have people opt in by liking, sharing and commenting on your post about it. Then, you could create a point system, allotted based on products they purchase and referrals they send you. At the end of the game, those with the most purchases and/or referrals get more points… and thus a higher chance of winning a prize. Make sense? It’s a win-win-win, because they are enjoying the game, you are getting loads of sales, and all of the new customers are improving their lives with awesome products…so cool!




This is in my wheelhouse. I love doing Facebook challenges and they have given my business a massive boost, really quickly. Again, like the other two online marketing strategies we already chatted about, Facebook challenges enable you to bring a lot of people into one place at the same time. THAT is the key to being able to bring a lot of people into your businesses all at once.

With Facebook challenges it’s as easy as starting a group. You don’t need any fancy tech to do this stuff…it’s very straight forward.

Simply decide on the length of the challenge you’d like to lead, I prefer 5 and 10 day challenges, myself, though I’ve participated in longer ones, up to 30 days and that can work really well too. Once you’ve got that down, decide what you will require for entry. Effectively, you’ll want to choose something that is congruent with whatever you are trying to grow. For example, you could do a 5 day, ‘smoothie detox challenge'… where all participants must purchase your starter smoothie kit, to be used in conjunction with your challenge. Something to ponder, my most recent 5-day challenge had 176 members, so you do the math, on all those sales! SWEET! Are you starting to have some A-Ha moments yet?!!? I hope so.




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One of the best ways to create interest in your ‘paid’ challenges, is to run a free challenge of some sort, leading up to it. Ultimately, the free challenge serves to show your people how much value you are able to give and it truly creates the know-like-trust-factor that is so critical. Additionally, it grows the authority you need, to fill a paid challenge group. Make sense? Awesome!

I hope I’ve given you some great online marketing strategies to add to your toolkit. I think you’ll find that once you get this stuff rolling, you are going see a rapid surge in leads, sales and sign ups in your business. No more building the slow and painful way! From now on, show a ton of people what you’ve got, all at the same time and start climbing those leaderboards like I did. Reach out if you need some tips!




I’ve got my current 10-day Online Challenge starting Nov 13th…likely right around the time you are reading this! It’s called “GET YOUR ONLINE ACT TOGETHER – 10 DAYS TO MORE SALES, SIGN UPS AND CELEBRITY STATUS”.

Every day,, I will go live in the group and give a fun and super effective training, as well as some simple daily action steps, designed to push your business to the next level.


Banner of my GYOAT Challenge Workshop image of The Word 'Giveaways' on a blue background …Used for the blog post entitled: “Online Marketing Strategies: Skyrocket your leads, even if you're new!”


Here’s what you’ll learn:


✔️Target Market

✔️How to Become a Master Attraction Marketer, Quickly

✔️The Steps to Set up Your Profile so That You Are Super Attractive

✔️How to Find Your Perfect Prospects

✔️The right way to Start the Conversation

✔️All of the best Questions to Ask

✔️How to Transition Into Talking About Your Business

✔️The art of Wording Things Properly so You Don’t Lose Sales

✔️How to Handle Objections

✔️Closing Like a Champ

✔️What to Post and When

✔️How to Leverage the Right Tools, Training and Support Without Wasting Time and Money on
dcStuff You Don’t Need.

✔️The skills to Market Like the Pros

✔️How to Make Money With All of This!



During this 10-day Challenge, I am getting you access to the exact marketing platform I use to build my very own business. It’s the choice of almost all of the top marketers out there, and you’re going to get the chance to get in there, and leverage all the tools, training and community support they provide, to build YOUR business. We’ll be taking advantage of this in tandem with the challenge.

***We had some great success stories from the last 10-day Challenge, including my girl, Sherri Fredericks Munster..who ranked up in her network marketing company…and my girl, Amber Quarrington…who got 120+ leads from one simple Facebook Post I taught to the group. Those leads landed Amber on the leaderboards, in her very first week…so cool! There were so many more like this.

If you’d like to participate, the cost is $10, paid on DAY 1 of the challenge or the first day you start. That covers the fee of the marketing platform for the 10 days. I am not charging additional coaching fees cause I'm crazy like that lol! 🙂



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Some Other Great Resources To help You In a Major Way!

**When you are ready to build your business online, you can save yourself a ton of time, money and frustration by learning to do it the right way, from the start! Furthermore, if you've been online for a while and are still struggling, it's not too late to for you. You can start finally having success, right now.

The only way to build a huge business online, without spending all day prospecting on social media, is by learning to attract the right people TO you. Once you have a funnel full of amazing prospects to talk to everyday, YOU are in control of your process! Doesn't that sound great?!!?  Here are some of my personal fave resources to help you bring that freedom into your world!


Pic of word 'MASTERY' …used for the blog post entitled: “ONLINE SUCCESS: How to properly set goals so you actually reach them.”


1) Attraction Marketing and Leadership Platform – Learn More

Leverage the community and Attraction Marketing Mastery, system I personally use, that taught me how to become an authority in my marketplace, that people want to follow. In the same fashion, if you desire to become the go-to person for your product, service and or opportunity…and like the idea of being seen as a pseudo-celebrity by your prospects…than THIS may be for you.


2) 3-Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition – Learn More

This course, by multiple 7-figure earner, Ray Higdon, is the absolute #1, gold standard. It will teach you how to blog like a pro and actually earn an amazing income doing it! Without proper guidance, most bloggers simply spin their wheels and never make a dime. As online marketers, our blog is our piece of real estate online. As a matter of fact, it is the only thing online that we own and control. A blog should form the hub of our entire business and deserves to be set up for success from the start.


3) Unlimited Fan Page Profits – Learn More

If you want to truly build a great business leveraging Facebook, you absolutely must have a fan page. Get step-by-step expert instruction by Tanya Aliza, herself, as to exactly how to build AND GROW your fan page like a pro, for the long haul.



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