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Got a network marketing downline that’s just NOT doing anything? I hear ya, sugar and I’ve got some great tips to help you overcome this challenge and actually get your team rockin’! First of all, pat yourself on the back. You actually HAVE a network marketing downline…totally quality problem, sweetheart! Many, many network marketers struggle to even attract one solitary person to lock arms with them, so you’re doing alright! Anyway…I digress….So….

….you’ve got this downline but nobody seems to be doing anything. You’re working your butt off and dang it…you deserve to rank up, right? Of course, you do! Keep in mind, that it’s not about you and if you focus on helping others win, you’ll win also, by default. That being said, what, on earth, can YOU do to get them into action, so that you can ride some actual momentum in your business?

Here are 3 easy-to-implement tips, that could totally solve this problem for you, pronto. You ready? Let’s go!






Seems obvious, right? You’d be surprised how often people miss the boat on this one. If you want your team to make results happen, YOU need to be making stuff happen too! Your team will do what you DO, not what you SAY to do. Make sense? 

Instead of giving tons of advice and blabbering on incessantly about strategy, just take action and let them SEE it! Nothing will inspire your network marketing downline more, than seeing their leader totally crush it! Ultimately, if you just get laser-focused on bringing new blood into the fold on a continual basis, your team will feel the heat and may just catch a spark.

Whatever you do, don’t ever berate your people or get angry with them for not doing the activity you think they should, or getting the results you need them to get. First of all, it doesn’t work and secondly, it will make them feel awful. People don’t stay where they don’t feel good so bear that in mind. The only thing worse than a network marketing downline that isn’t doing anything, is a downline that quits, lol! Remember, the speed of the leader is the speed of the pack. So get busy.



This is soooo important and goes a long way to keeping your network marketing downline inspired on a continual basis. When people first come in, they are full of excitement but this can quickly change when they start coming up against rejection and negativity. If they don’t really feel that they’re a part of an awesome community that is bigger than themselves, they won’t stick around through the tough days. You’ll lose them.

Ideally, you’ll want to make sure you are really celebrating your people, even for the little wins…ESPECIALLY for the little wins. Those first accomplishments and that first paycheque, no matter how little, means everything to a new rep. It sets the stage for entrenching their vision. It bolsters their belief that their dream can become reality. In truth, it’s the first proof that this network marketing thing is real and does work!


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So celebrate them in grand style for all of their wins. Make them feel special, respected and really appreciated. Keep in mind, people will work hard for money but they’ll die for recognition, so no matter what, you cannot drop the ball on this one.

You can go a long way toward creating an amazing team culture by simply incentivizing your people. Consider running contests to bring some fun into your network marketing downline and give your reps an opportunity to be recognized. Give out a bunch of really cool prizes. Make the contests very inclusive by keeping the contests winnable by reps at all levels…not just your big-time leaders. The goal is to inspire them not to demoralize them so don’t make then contests too tough or many on your team will think ‘why bother?’. THAT’S not good. 

It’s critically important to remember, that you need to meet your people where they’re at, also. I learned this from Ray Higdon and it totally changed the way I approach my team. As shocking as it may seem to us go-getters, not everyone in your network marketing downline, wants to hit the top of the compensation plan.

WHAT??? I know…but it’s true. Many people are super happy just making a few hundred bucks a month or getting some free products….and that’s totally fine! Celebrate those people too! They pay their autoship, same as everybody else, and they deserve to feel appreciated too.


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Leaders get stuff done…know what I’m saying?!!? I get it…you’re probably thinking, “yeah cool, Staci…but how do I DO that?” I hear ya. You do it by CREATING YOUR OWN SUCCES STORY, sugar (wink)! Here’s the thing. If you want to attract leaders into your network marketing downline, you’re going to have to create a success story of your own, to attract them…or at the very least, leverage someone on your team, who has!  Leaders are naturally attracted to other leaders. They want to be around other people who are achieving success and who know where the are going. Be that person.

Of course, you’ll have to gain the confidence and posture to actually reach out and talk to these leaders. But I’ll tell ya’, having a great success story will help you in that department…in a big way. You will find that leaders are far more open to what you have to say, if they perceive you as a leader also. Generally, the path to success is faster if you bring in a few leaders who can run…while you also take the time to build some up, from within your team…at the same time.

If you implement these tips, you’ll likely see a massive shift in the activities of your network marketing downline. How great will it feel when you get to watch your people cross the stage at your next company convention? Pretty awesome right? Especially because, you’ll likely be walking the stage, right there with them! 

Be sure to share this with your team..it just may inspire them:)

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