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Today, I’m going to share with you 4 things you are probably doing when marketing online, that you need to stop. I applaud you for taking action…you’re a beast and that’s awesome. However, if you are committing any of these online atrocities lol…you are going to sink your success in a quick hurry.

Unfortunately, when people venture online to build a business, they often have zero comprehension of the rules of the game. It's like the freakin' wild west. Typically, newbies do not understand the intricacies of the social media dynamic and end up running roughshod all over the darn place, like a toddler in a three-wheeler. It often gets ugly! Amid all the drive-by link drops, the ‘join-for-a-dollar' promos and the bogo sales..it's a wonder anyone can make any money at this at all lol! In truth, you really can make a great living, but you must learn how to do it the right way. I'm going to help you avoid 4 of the most common pitfalls of marketing online.






STOP Thinking Short Term!!!


This is probably the single biggest mindset mistake you can make when you first come online. In truth, building a successful business, marketing online, requires a good measure of commitment, patience, grit and good old-fashioned ‘stick-to-it-iveness’! Additionally, you should expect to make some key investments in time, money and energy to get that business into momentum.

So…my friend, here’s the dealio. If you approach this business with a short-term mentality, you might as well just quit now and save everyone the agony of witnessing how this is all going to play out. The reality is, If you start this business with one foot out the door already…guess what? The rest of your body is going to follow you out that door!

When you think short-term and you say things like ‘I’ll give it a few months and see what happens’, you are essentially giving yourself a safety net….an exit strategy. Ultimately, you are simply lining up your excuse to bail on your dream. Don’t do it! Plant your flag, burn the boat, make the decision to keep going until…. period.

If you adopt a longterm thought process, you will make different decisions and take different actions than you otherwise would. That difference can be all it takes to secure your success. Thing about that, for a moment.


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STOP Thinking Everyone is Your Prospect!!!


Listen, I Know that you believe that your company and your product is the best thing since the invention of the internet and that EVERY man/woman and child should be using your product. BUT…that just isn’t the cast. There is no product in existence that is right for all 8.9 billion people on earth! 

In fact, the sooner you accept that you are going to have to repel a huge swath of people in order to attract the perfect ones to you, the faster you’ll start getting sales and sign-ups. The reality is, you need to ‘niche down’ as much as humanly possible. Truly get to know your target market, intimately and start attracting those people through targeted valuable content, that solves their biggest pains and struggles. You have to learn to speak their language and join the conversation they are having inside their head.

When you do that, the RIGHT people will reach out to you, in droves and the wrong ones, will pay no attention at all.. which is what we want. Conversely, if you attempt to appeal to everyone, you will appeal to no one.



STOP Posting Your Company and Your Products all Over Your Profile!


ARGHHHHH!!! This is so detrimental to your success when marketing online. I cannot belabor this point enough. I get that you are being taught to do this. It’s not your fault…I get that… but it WILL hurt you if you don’t stop.

The reality is that many of the most successful network marketers built their ginormous teams the ‘old fashioned', belly to belly way. They worked their warm markets and tap rooted through their people. And guess what? THAT works! There’s a reason why so many people have success building that way…because it freakin’ does the job!

The problem arises when they take it online and attempt to carry themselves as they would offline. It doesn’t work at all because it doesn’t honour the social media platform dynamic. People are on social media to be social… NOT to be sold. They will buy, of course…a lot. AND they will join businesses but they don’t want to be pushed by salesy, hypey people. They want to talk THEMSELVES into buying. 



That being said. you have to stop posting your stuff all over your page. It’s salesy, it’s annoying and truly, nobody cares. If you want to build a business, marketing online, you have to become a professional curiosity piquer and problem solver. If you can learn to lead with value, solve problems and post content that inherently makes people wonder what you’re up to, you win! 

Curiosity is one of those feelings that drives people nuts if it’s not satiated. They WILL reach out to get their curiosity satisfied, Mark my words.

The added bonus of refraining from plastering your pages with your company stuff, is that YOU become what is attracting your tribe, so God forbid anything should ever happen to your company, you won’t be stuck starting all over from scratch.


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STOP Fishing in the Same Pond!


It’s totally ridiculous how many messages I get that sound exactly the same. People have lost their prospecting creativity! Seemingly, everyone is fishing in the exact same ponds and it’s causing total overload.

Remember, this is a relationship business and there are a multitude of different ways to build them, and equally varied ways to find good people. Be creative! Resist the urge to rely on your product-specific or niche-specific sites because that’s what EVERYONE else is doing. One of my mentors, Diane Hochman, says, when they zig..you zag!

Think about it, don’t you have many interests that have nothing to do with your network marketing company? If your target market is anything like you (and often it is) than doesn’t it stand to reason that many of them might also have similar interest to you? Of course! So, if you love baking, go join a baking group. If you love to swim, join a group with other swimmers. If you are a scrapbooker, painter, reader, or love your church….there are tons of perfect prospects out there that are interested in those things too. Go find them and start the conversation.


PHEW….Ok, Now We're Good:)

I hope I’ve helped you by shedding some light on the 4 mistakes you are probably making when marketing online. In reality, marketing online is a bit of an art, a science and requires some trial and error. Go and make some mistakes, get messy, fall down and get back up. You will learn and you will prosper as long as you don’t quit.



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Testimonial Testimonial about Staci Hall's Facebook Challenges …used for the blog post entitled: "Marketing Online: 4 Things You're Probably Doing That You Need To Stop!"

Testimonial Testimonial about Staci Hall's Facebook Challenges …used for the blog post entitled: "Marketing Online: 4 Things You're Probably Doing That You Need To Stop!"

testimonial proof …used for the blog post entitled: "Marketing Online: 4 Things You're Probably Doing That You Need To Stop!"


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Some Other Great Resources To help You In a Major Way!

**When you are ready to build your business online, you can save yourself a ton of time, money and frustration by learning to do it the right way, from the start! Furthermore, if you've been online for a while and are still struggling, it's not too late to for you. You can start finally having success, right now.

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1) Attraction Marketing and Leadership Platform – Learn More

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