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This home business training is really designed to help save you from yourself lol! Network marketers, and online marketers, especially when they are new, have a tendency to get a little too excited and say WAY too much. In fact, often it’s so bad, it’s as though they are just throwing up all over their prospects and instead of making them excited, they are totally turning them off. 


Are you guilty of having presented your business completely the wrong way? It’s ok if you are….I was all ‘ignorance-on-fire’ in the early days too and I’m positive more than a few people thought I was a little over-zealous (smirk). So now, how do you salvage the wreckage?  What can you do to avoid having them duck behind the cracker display when they see you in the grocery store aisle?




Ultimately, it’s really pretty simple. My fave mentor, Mr. Ray Higdon, once said, that if there is a 1000 lb elephant in the room, you will do far more damage by attempting to ignore it or sidestep it, than by simply addressing it. That being said…you need to call it out, and face the beast head on lol!

I told you this home business training would save you from yourself. AND, it will…because what you are going to do …is….(drum roll puhleeze) ….. APOLOGIZE! WHAT??? Yup… I’m serious. 



You are going to reach out to your mistreated prospect and you are going to say something like this: “Hey Sarah…I really need to apologize. When I first started out in my home business…I was all excited and came on like a tiger in the wild…I did everything the wrong away, was totally inappropriate and I probably came across like a crazy person. So…I’m sorry.”

Then zip it. At this point, You must not attempt to get them to see the presentation again. In fact…you have to promise me that you will NOT try to throw down a link or any information, whatsoever. For this to mean anything at all, you cannot do it for personal gain. No pitch…none….at all…got it? Good:)


If you're wrong, own up to what you didn't do right. That's how you learn and earn respect. ~ unknown Click To Tweet


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Buy WHY? You may be asking…why apologize if I can’t pitch them my business? Ummm, firstly…because it’s the right thing to do. Secondly, because hardly anyone does that sort of thing these days, and doing so will automatically make you stand out as a real human being. Imagine that?

Ideally, you want that prospect to be thinking “Wow..that could not have been easy…” Apologizing in that way, without making excuses, trying to justify or attempting to pitch them, will have them feeling vastly different, in all likelihood, than they did just moments before the apology came. You were open, vulnerable and really honest. Most people will honour and appreciate that. As a result, what started out as a rather negative situation will likely, have completely turned around.




Because it’s not so common for people to open themselves up in an authentic way like that…risking rejection and ridicule…your prospect is much more likely to respect you for it. As such…you may even see them start paying more attention to you and what you’re up to. Their interest may very well be peaked.

It’s important that you NOT be addicted to the outcome, because not everyone will necessarily, respond favourable and that’s ok. Truly…that’s not on you. You did your part and that’s all that can be expected. If you get anything from this home business training…it's that it's NEVER too late and it's NEVER as bad as you think it is:)


Hope this helps you feel more comfy going back to prospects, even if you made a mess of things the first time. Learning the skills of a successful network marketer and online marketer, takes great training and some time. Check out the resources below to help you speed up the process.


Some Great Resources To help You In a Major Way!

The only way to build a huge business online, without spending all day prospecting on social media, is by learning to attract the right people TO you. Once you have a funnel full of amazing prospects to talk to everyday, YOU are in control of your process! Doesn't that sound great?!!?  Here are some of my personal fave resources to help you bring that freedom into your world!

1) Attraction Marketing and Leadership Platform – Learn More

Leverage the community and system I personally use, that taught me how to become an authority in my marketplace, that people want to follow. If you desire to become the go-to person for your product, service and or opportunity…and like the idea of being seen as a pseudo-celebrity by your prospects…than THIS may be for you.

2) 3-Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition – Learn More

This course, by multiple 7-figure earner, Ray Higdon, is the absolute #1, gold standard. It will teach you how to blog like a pro and actually earn an amazing income doing it! Without proper guidance, most bloggers simply spin their wheels and never make a dime. As online marketers, our blog is our piece of real estate online. It is, in fact, the only thing online that we own and control. A blog should form the hub of our entire business and deserves to be set up for success from the start. 

3) Ultimate Fan Page Profits – Learn More

If you want to truly build a great business leveraging Facebook, you absolutely must have a fan page. Get step-by-step expert instruction by Tanya Aliza, herself, as to exactly how to build AND GROW your fan page like a pro, for the long haul.



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Question Of The Week: Have you ever totally approached a prospect the wrong way and made a mess of things? How did you handle it?

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