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Welcome to my personal world! I am so happy that you stopped by to hang out for a bit.

Let me ask you..do you feel as though you were meant to live a bigger, brighter and more impactful life than the one you are living?

I felt the same way, pretty much my whole life, but I could never really put my finger on what it was that I was called to do, let alone HOW I was supposed to do it lol! I figured that my best bet was to follow the advice everyone seemed to be giving, and just do what was expected of me.

I went to university and got my honours degree. I was told from the time I could walk, that getting a good education would land me my dream job. Well..it didn’t. In fact, when I came out of school, I found myself smack-dab in the middle of a recession and competing for jobs at the Starbucks with people who had their MBA’s! Needless to say, I felt confused, frustrated, disillusioned and quite scared. For years, I just bounced around, getting my hairstyling license, pursuing acting, studying science, recording music…I tried everything but found contentment in nothing. Pretty sad..right?!!? I just didn’t know where I belonged.

“..do you feel as though you were meant to live a bigger, brighter and more impactful life..?”


Fast forward a few more years, at a point in my life where I was finally beginning to realize some purpose. I became a mom to two beautiful children. I devoted my time to them, completely and seriously loved being home with them. I felt so grateful for my family..and yet, in the back of my mind..I still felt that I was meant to have a farther-reaching impact than I had. The tug grew greater still. Unfortunately, rather than solidifying my purpose, the demands of parenthood and home-ownership took it’s toll on our family. In 2013, my husband found himself essentially, downsized and we lost about 70% of our family income, over night! 

We were so flippin’ terrified of losing everything, and we were really close to it, when my aunt asked me if I was open to other ways of earning an income. You think?!!? Of course I was, but we were not that close at the time, so I was quite skeptical. Even so.. I figured..geez..what on earth do I have to lose??? So I agreed. My aunt put me in front of a webinar that would forever change our lives!

“..what on earth do I have to lose???”


I was so excited to give this home biz thing a try…looked super easy,, right?!!? Just call the people you know and see if they’re open. Get them to a home meeting and then…well..the magic would happen! 

Yeah…not exactly lol! I had meetings where no one showed. My family and friends were not at all interested and I had like..zero influence with anyone within a 50 mile radius!

 I was totally convinced that I would be a complete failure. Yet, I just couldn’t shake the idea of residual income…working one time and getting paid repeatedly. Leverage just made so much sense and it was clear to me that any right-thinking person couldn’t help but see the value in it. I wanted that for my family. I was sick and tired of seeing the hurt and stress in everyone’s faces because of the constant fear. They deserved better than that. Right then and there, I made a decision, that I was going to figure out how to win at this home business game, on my terms, without hounding friends and family.  That’s when I went online.


I did my research and sought out awesome mentors who were building total rock-star, global organizations online. I invested heavily in my education, buying courses, attending events, flying to conferences..you name it..I did it! I implemented what I was taught and adjusted accordingly. I made tons of mistakes and each one made me better, stronger and more successful! 

My life and that of my family is looking drastically different now, than it did a few years ago. Taking my business online, completely changed the game for me and made it, so that I could help way more people than would otherwise have been possible. My gratitude for finding this industry is immense! There is nothing that even comes close to providing the level of personal and financial independence that is made possible in this arena. 

 I am a home business professional. I know how to leverage the best online and traditional strategies to build a great organization. I am taking this thing right into the stratosphere and I’m super-pumped to share the journey with you! It’s truly great to meet you.  Please let me know how I may assist you and bring value into your business.

Most Sincerely,